Stepping Stones

Stepping stones, building blocks, the interpretation of  pivotal points which lead to being propelled forward in life.  Sometimes we’re pushed by force, other times we welcome it.  Being equipped insinuates preparation.  What if we don’t feel prepared to take on the moment in front of us?

Fix the Broken Mirror...

After my second child, I was working very hard to lose weight.  The constant workouts and dieting was driving me crazy since I was not seeing the results immediately. Frustrated and depressed with how my body looked I took a second to look at myself in the mirror; decided I was fat.  

Lift as you Climb

My elevation did not come from being loved by others.  It came from self-inflicted lessons learned and turning the pain of my traumatized heart and allowing my source, my god, to restore a life full of doubt and brokenness and making my heart smile in such a way that can’t be seen, but felt.  I will always show grace to those who have hurt me the most. Because it’s not about why they caused me pain, it’s about healing the pain they caused me.  But now that I am free from understanding the value of loving oneself, I will never subject myself to anything less than what the lord has built for me to acquire.  So I will wait, and will know him and he will know me.